High Quality products tested before shipping

Advanced ChemTech is a leading manufacturer of resins for peptide and combinatorial synthesis. We supply these resins in gram to kilo quantities in various substitution levels, mesh sizes, and cross-linking agents. We also supply base resins, synthesis resins, and pre-loaded resins. We are continuously adding new resins to our already extensive line so please visit our website to stay up to date on new products. Our high quality resins meet or exceed our strict quality standards. Their identity is confirmed by comparing the FTIR spectrum of the resin with the standard spectra. Our resins are examined to be sure that they are free of fines and broken beads. Advanced ChemTech also measures the swelling properties and loss on drying. All resins come with a Certificate of Analysis. Advanced ChemTech’s pre-loaded resins have many advantages. They are endcapped with acetate after loading resin to reduce the possibility of first amino acid deletion impurities. In resins that are susceptible to dipeptide formation, a sample is cleaved and analyzed by HPLC to determine the extent of dipeptide formation. Epimerization during coupling is also measured by recoupling of the same amino acid, followed by cleavage and HPLC analysis of the potential diastereomers.

Start your peptide production with preloaded resins will save you much time and money as well, because attaching the first amino acid to the resin is really struggling with tediously monitoring the substitution and end-capping. ACT also accepts custom synthesis requests of proloaded resins upto multi-kilo scale at very competitive prices.